How to Make a Gasket – The Viking

Now that I have taken apart, cleaned, and painted the Viking, one of the the final steps I made was to cut new gaskets.

A gasket seals the space between two metal pieces, keeping oil from getting out and preventing dust from getting in. Dust-contaminated fuel will clog up the carburetor and prevent smooth fuel flow. Gaskets also give a motor compression by sealing off air.

When I took apart the viking I broke some gaskets. This is okay because it is often a good idea to replace old ones even if they aren’t broken.  Usually you can buy gasket sets for motors but in this case the Viking was too old; no gaskets are made for it anymore so I had to make some for it. I bought a roll of gasket material and traced an outline of the old gasket onto a portion of this material. Then I used a box knife to cut out the new gasket. Double check to make sure that your newly cut gasket doesn’t block and hole on the motor! If it does it may affect the performance of the engine.

That’s it! Making gaskets isn’t hard provided you do it correctly.


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